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5 Elements of Animal Well-being

The Five Element Theory is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is a way of understanding the causes and manifestations of physical and emotional problems in humans and animals, and emphasises the need to heal the emotions in order to heal the body.


Five Element Theory is based on the cycles of nature. The five elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, elements of nature that are seen to nourish and control each other. Keeping them in balance is important for health. We are all made up of all the elements, and moves through all the elements in a lifetime. However, an individual (person or animal) is said to have a ‘constitutional type’ aligned strongly with one or other of the elements. We are likely to show character traits, physical problems, and emotional responses specific to that element.

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Our free questionnaire will help you use this ancient wisdom to figure out which element your animal is most closely aligned with. Any animal carer can benefit from this knowledge, whether you are the loving parent of just one pup, or work full time with animals. The accompanying charts give a brief overview of how the elements manifest, and how you can use this knowledge to help your animals.


5 element character types help you to:

  • Understand your animal and develop your intuition about what they need for health and happiness

  • Enhance diet and management

  • Find out how your animal prefers to learn

  • Recognise patterns of wellness and dis-ease so you can intervene before problems develop

  • Select aromatics according to the elements

About Nayana

Nayana Morag, the founder of Essential Animals and head has been teaching about essential oils for animals since 2000 lecturing worldwide to vets, trainers and animal lovers of all kinds. Combining her varied skills and the understanding that reducing stress is essential for health, she developed Animal PsychAromatica, a completely holistic animal wellness system which includes 5 Element Theory as a foundation.


She is the author of “Essential Oils for Animals: Your complete guide to using aromatherapy for natural animal care and management”, “The Aromatic Dog” and co-author of "The Aromatic Cat". She has a passion for helping humans and other animals understand each other better, so they can live in harmony and health.

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