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Essential Oils for Animals

These courses have been designed specifically for our new members to begin their journey into holistic animal wellness. 

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Would you like your animals to benefit from the healing power of essential oils but you’re concerned about safety, and confused by all the conflicting information? Then this course is for you. Learn the basics of safe and effective use from an expert with 20 years of experience in animal aromatherapy. It you are a pet parent, you will love this course. If you work with animals you will be able to safely integrate the benefits of aromatics alongside your other skills.

If you would like to build a sound knowledge of natural animal health using aromatics this is the place to start. This course is free when you join the Animal Wellness Lounge.

Course Details

You will learn

  • How essential oils work and why they are such an effective tool in maintaining animal wellness.

  • How animal self-selection (Zoopharmacognosy) works, and why it’s the safest method to use with animals.

  • The ABC of animal aromatherapy, how to choose the right essential oils for your animal’s needs, safe dilution and more.

  • How to make a 100% natural flea/fly repellent that works.

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Practical Aromatherapy for Dogs

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Learn a safe and effective way to use aromatics for your dogs’ well-being. Learn how to make your own natural products and keep your dog healthy and happy. 

Essential oils are a great way to help your dog stay healthy and happy, but you need to know how to use them safely. This course will teach you a safe, effective system that Nayana has used for 20 years. Learn natural ways to control fleas, treat wounds, and keep your dogs bouncing with health from puppyhood to old age. This course revives the tradition of the natural home pharmacy, putting your dog’s healthcare back in your hands.

Course Details

You will learn

  • Why aromatics work

  • How to use them safely in your dog’s daily care

  • How to control fleas naturally

  • How to use essential oils to reduce stress

  • Which aromatics to use for 1st aid

  • And when you should seek help from a professional.

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You can also purchase as a stand alone course

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More than just an educational resource, the Animal Wellness Lounge is a safe and supportive community, where everyone understands how important animals are to you. Somewhere you can turn to whenever you need help. We know that working with animals can be a lonely place sometimes. Here you will find a group of people who truly understand how important an animal’s well-being is to you, who you can count on for sound advice or a sympathetic ear.

Our members are a friendly, non judgemental group of animal enthusiasts and professionals. Everyone is welcome!


Introduction to Essential Oils for Animals