• Nayana Morag

Cypress For Life After Death

“I was giving a talk at a dog-groomers convention once, and in the front row was a small dog who had come to help demonstrate how to use oils. All we could see of this dog was his nose as he hid under a chair. This dog’s person had recently died. He had been adopted by her friend straightaway, but he had lost confidence in himself, was very timid and scared of his surroundings. This was a new or exaggerated behaviour.

It is difficult to demonstrate animal self-selection when your subject won’t come out from under the chair. However, I held the open bottle of Cypress in my hand at an unobtrusive distance. Slowly the dog’s head crept forwards until we could see his nostrils twitching as he inhaled the oil. When the head withdrew, I closed the bottle and continued talking, until I was seriously upstaged by the little dog walking along the front row and greeting everybody. A heart-warming moment indeed.”

By Nayana Morag

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