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Nayana's Top 5 Essential Oils for Animals

Contains common uses and recommendations along with Nayana's Quick Guide on how to use your oils safely. Free Bonus - Nayana's own recipe for a natural bug spray you can make at home!!

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Would you like to use essential oils with your animals but are not sure where to start?

Free Safety Guide

Knowing how and when to use essential oils with your animals is paramount to their safety.

Top 5 Oils

Learn the top 5 essential oils to get you started with natural wellness for animals.

Natural Bug Spray

Grab Nayana's recipe for a proven natural bug repellent. This can be a gel or a spray.

Download the Quick Guide now!

Contains quick profiles of 5 top safe essential oils for animals, along with Nayana's recommendations for both physical and emotional uses.

Contains a safety quick guide. How to use essential oils with animals and an outline on self selection.

Nayana's personal recipe on a proven to work natural bug repellent. This can be used as a gel or a spray depending on the consistency !


Nayana Morag, the founder of The Animal Wellness Lounge and head teacher, is a qualified Animal (and human) Aromatherapist and Master Herbalist. She is also trained in kinesiology and has post-graduate certificates in 5 Element Theory and Aromatic Energetics, Equine Acupressure and natural nutrition, and is a natural  animal behaviour specialist.


Nayana has been teaching about essential oils for animals since 2000, lecturing worldwide to vets, trainers and animal lovers of all kinds. Combining her varied skills and the understanding that reducing stress is essential for health, she developed the Animal PsychAromatica Wellness System. The Animal Wellness Lounge is the culmination of this work and her passion for helping people and animals live healthy, happy lives together.

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